Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry


A sparkling white wine obtained from the Glera grape using the Charmat method in autoclave. This spumante is the epitome of
Prosecco, where the harmony of its elegant body is accompanied by a delicate bouquet. The freshness and fragrance of this wine, together with a fine and persistent perlage, make it ideal for any
occasion. 5 layers of 10 cases per pallet.
Product code VS02.
Available in Magnum, Jeroboam.

Serve at a temperature of 6-8°C.
Also available in Magnum (1,5 Lt.) and Jeroboam (3 Lt.).
Product code VS02



 WINE  Prosecco superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG extradry v.s.q.p.r.d
 COLOR  Straw yellow with greenish hints
 GRAPE  Glera 100%
 PRODUCTION AREA  Conegliano’s DOCG area  – Valdobbiadene
 SOIL  Hilly, clay – limestone
 CLIMATE  Mediterranean – cool
 RIPENING  September 20th – October 10th depending on the vintage
 VINIFICATION  White, with light pressing and a 70% maximum output
 SPARKLING PROCESS  Charmat method
 STORING  Store in a cool place at a temperature lower than 15°C.
Best enjoyed within one year of production and up to two years.
TOTAL ACIDITY 5,5 g/l 6,5 g/l
TOTAL SULPHUR 80 mg/l 100 mg/l
FREE SULPHUR 10 mg/l 20 mg/l
ALCOHOL 11 % vol. 11,5 % vol.
SUGAR 13 g/l 16 g/l
PRESSURE 4,5 atm. 5 atm.

The company guarantees that all the various phases of production are carried out in accordance with the HACCP methods, in compliance with the hygiene regulations of food products (Regulation 155 of the 26th May 1997).

Merum – Wine added on the best wines top list
Mundus Vini – Silver
Wine Enthusiast – tasting report: 86 points
Gambero Rosso –  “Vini d’Italia” guide: Awarded Oscar Quality/Price (4 years in a row)

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